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A mezuzah brings with it the spirit of safe passage

from one place to another.  

Mezuzah, which literally means “doorpost”, is a scroll on which is written the ancient “Sh’ma” prayer attesting to belief in God.  Jews are commanded to affix a mezuzah to their doorposts, and each scroll is held in a case which is usually decorative in nature.   While many think of the mezuzah as something only found on the outside door of a  Jewish home, traditionally the mezuzah is fastened on the doorpost of nearly every inside room as well. The

mezuzot (plural) shown here are made for inside the home.  

The first images below show mezuzot that I make with paper collage and wood.  The artwork is made from handmade papers, with the Hebrew letter “shin” always visible.  Shin is the first letter of the word “guardian” and the first letter of one of the names of God.  The two-part wooden cases were designed by me and Carol Entin, an artist/scientist friend who produced them on a laser cutter.  Each case is sanded, glued and painted before the artwork goes in.    When the artwork is complete and glued in the mezuzah is sealed for protection with varnish​.  Each is approximately 5" tall and has a slot in the back for the scroll.

The mezuzot are available  at craft fairs (see events page on this website) and at Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery, 437 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA.  They can be ordered at  

Turquoise on silver
deep purple on gold
purple_red in black
black purple pink on gold
turquoise, gold
navy, green on silver
yellow multi on gold
white on black
Bright blue on silver
brown_black case
blue_gold case
black multi on red_gold case
wall mounted
orange on green_black case
white_blue shin_black case
red_silver_gold black case
red_gold case
pink and blue_black case
oraange_fuscia shin_ black case
brown_black case
mezuzah in progress
fiber & bead mezuzah
Ribbons Mezuzah
Far away nov purple
BJP far away purple
BJP piece
fiber & bead mezuzah
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